She is a powerhouse, social scientist and advocate who takes the progression of humanity, personal! Ms. Christina Smith aka Pandora Foxx is the Founder and Executive Director of the community based non-profit The Foxx Family Foundation, established January of 2023, and the Owner of the Columbus, Ohio-based performance and philanthropic troupe "Crimson Lace Cabaret," voted “Best Burlesque Troupe in Ohio” in 2015 and 2016. If that wasn't enough, Pandora is also the Owner of Mask Disruption (a clothing and apparel line designed to disrupt normalized societal inequalities), and Founder of Foxx-Fatale Entertainment. She is a multi-award-winning pageant promoter and talent choreographer, classically trained dancer of over 35 years, burlesque performer and teacher/instructor of over 13 years, and lifelong social justice activist & advocate. Not to mention alongside burlesque, she is a Femme Queen formerly crowned Miss Ohio Gay Pride Femme 2019 and the “Vixen Noire who puts the Ass in Classy”… Pandora Foxx!




1.) Garden Theatre (Columbus, Ohio)

2.) Skully's Music-Diner (Columbus, Ohio)

3.) Wallstreet Nightclub (Columbus, Ohio)

4.) Stage 773 (Chicago, Illinois)

5.) Beachland Ballroom (Cleveland, Ohio)

6.) Capone's Downtown Speakeasy (Indianapolis)

7.) Casa Loma Ballroom (St. Louis, Missouri)

8.) Ant Hall (Hamtramck, Michigan)

9.) Winchester Music Tavern (Lakewood, Ohio)

10.) The Robinson Theatre (Richmond, Virginia)

11.) The Golden Record (St. Louis, Missouri)

12.) White Rabbit Cabaret (Indianapolis, Indiana)

13.) Alberta Rose Theatre (Portland, Oregon)

14.) District West (Columbus, Ohio)

15.) Axis Nightclub (Columbus, Ohio)

16.) Bogart's (Cincinnati, Ohio)

17.) The Abbey Pub (Chicago, Illinois)

18.) The Baton Show Lounge (Chicago, Illinois)

19.) Robinson Center Auditorium (Little Rock, Arkansas)

20.) MJ's on Jefferson (Dayton, Ohio)